Wohoow, summer is here! vacaction 'til mid september. This means lots of time for tumblr! :) ps: thank you for visiting my blog! Hope you enjoy your time

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I now have a mild sexual/ love / intimate blog passionaddiction

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forever searching
I'm Nele and this is my escape. I'm not here to get judge by anyone. 19 years old living in Belgium. Taken by the most amaing guy on this planet.



fun fact: if you tell someone to kill themselves it’s considered encouraging suicide and you can get a fine of $25,000 and 10+ years in prison. if they actually commit you can be charged with manslaughter. 

so really it’s in your best interest not to be a cunt.

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1 over, 2 to go

I want to thank everyone who wished me good luck, kept me in their thoughts. Because my exam yesterday went great! & After I got to spend time with my boyfriend which was ever more fun! 

Monday is the next one. 

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